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Odyssey Interior Design

by Athena

Click here to go directly to Athena's Interior Design Boutique : Seems Like Yesterday  is the creative concept of me and my husband JR Thompson. We are owners and Head of Interior Design of Odyssey Interior Design, Inc.  After spending many years designing luxurious, high-end homes and condos for beach-loving residents and businesses of Southwest Florida, we decided to add to our design studio a unique boutique that not only represents the quality, but  offers available stock to our clients products from high end manufactures and suppliers.  Our boutique and private label upholstery line, Seems Like Yesterday, specializes in offering coastal furnishings, accessories and personal luxuries.  The intent of the studio and boutique is to represent the concept of living the coastal experience.

Our motto is: "More than a Style...It's a Lifestyle."​​  We have worked to put together the online boutique as a great and easy way to find and buy items to decorate your own seaside beauty.  The products are all carefully considered for quality and style and purchased into our inventory for our personal inspection before sold to our customers.  Please enjoy our online store and frequently check in for new arrivals and coastal inspired products!